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Electro Rock

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An event from 1985 which took place at London's Hippodrome.


Artists on the night were:


Broken Glass


The B-Boys - Mark Ansine, Gary Burns, Pauline Hudson, Keith Hudson, Keith Anderson and Cliff Malcolm. It also included "Clifford Price" aka Goldie in it's number.


The London All Star Breakers -Milton, King Breaker, Special 'T', Flipsky and Dolby D.


The X-Treeme Team (Rock City Crew) - Tricks, Wave Craze, Captain 'C', Dodger, Bionic Sly, Crazy Kid, Popping Pepsi, Junior Dibbs and Prince Touche.


Up Rock - Cheran & Jeffrey Ishmail


Zodiac - Victor Dykes, Michael Forsyth, Brian Joseph Holder, David Baxter and Marion Sinclair.


Look Twice - Basil Liverpool and Darnell Allen.


Live To Pop - Little Whiz, Feathers and Hofmeister.


Loose Bruce & The Street Elite - Bruce Smolanoff, Keith Holden, Jessie Jenkins and Sammy Luguis.


The City Limits Crew - Little Stevie Bee and Pretty Boy Gee (aka Paul Trueman in Eastenders!)


The Family Quest - Mystery MC, E-Mix, Dirty Harry and Chico MC.


Bass & Treble - Sipho Josanna and Gary Washington-Thomas.


Mastermind Roadshow - KC, Max and Bert.


Afrika Bambaataa & Friends - Cool B, Ikie C, Lisa Lee and Jazzy Joyce.


Shem McCauley


Dizzy Heights


Junior G


Dave Cash C


Mr Riddles


Paul Ferguson


MC - Mike Allen



Graffiti was provided by The Chrome Angelz. On the night was Scibbla, Artiez and Pride.


Thanks given on the video credits went to (amongst others):


Tim Westwood, The Shaw Theatre, The Supreme Rockers, The UK Hip Hop Alliance and The Universal Zulu Nation Of The UK.




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Below is a rare photo of the evening's MC, Mike Allen with Tim Westwood at the event.


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