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Page history last edited by Ben Repo 10 years, 4 months ago

Born in 1971, Sipho Josanna was most famously known for his human beatbox duties in London Posse.


He was actually the reason how the London Posse came together as he asked his friends Bionic and Rodie Rok (Rodney P) to join him on Mick Jones' (ex of The Clash) current band, Big Audio Dynamite tour of America in 1987.

Incidentally, Sipho can also be seen in the B.A.D. video of 'C'mon Every Beatbox' as well as being immortalized in the lyrics ("B.A.D. and little Sipho").


He was also in Derek B's We Got The Juice video.


Sipho appeared in two big tv shows around this time. The first was in 1985 in Electro Rock which also featured acts such as The B-Boys (with Goldie), Dizzy Heights, Afrika Bambaataa, Family Quest and others.


The second appearance on the small screen was probably Sipho's most memorable. He appeared alongside his crew in Tim Westwood's 1987 Open Space documentary, Bad Meaning Good. Westwood is seen pulling up in his battered Ford Sierra and picking up Sipho who joins Bionic already in the car where they proceed to perform an impromptu version of 'My Beatbox Reggae Style'.


Unfortunately Sipho, at 33 years old took his own life in 2004 leaving behind a pioneering legacy on the UK hip hop scene.

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