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Welcome to the Disco Scratch database.  Hopefully over the coming years enough people will register to upload information to give a really good, search-able database of the Hip Hop scene in the UK from it's start to present day.  There are other sites that provide information on artists and releases, but this site aims to connect EVERYTHING.  Record shops, garms, venues, producers, promoters, radio shows, TV shows, DVDs, videos... everything from the inception of the Hip Hop scene in the UK to the universally accepted end of the golden era circa 1994.  Obviously  There will still be links to modern UK Hip Hop acts as many are still going but this site attempts to record as much as possible about the birth of the scene (old school era, circa 1982 in the UK) up to the mid school (circa 1987 era) then into the brit core era of the early 90s.


If you would like to contribute to the database please click here or the link on the right, or just click the edit tab and it will ask you to request for access, then I'll set you up an account.  You can then enter information yourself.  When you apply for access, please let me know who you are and what your reasons are for joining up so I can track members.  No matter how big or small your information is, it all helps to build up the knowledge of the UK Hip Hop scene from it's start.


This is my second attempt at a wiki, the first had bots joining and adding loads of porn and spam, this site is much easier to use and does not allow that.  I will be plumbing as much information as I can in over the coming weeks, months and years, PLEASE PLEASE become part of what could be the ultimate history of UK Hip Hop.  So far I have just got one page up, thought I'd start with a true UK legend, you can have a look at the Mike Allen page to see how far I have got.  Got information to add?  Just register and we can build on it.